About Us

I am an artist because of the connection I have with the Earth, its cycles, and its geometry. 

Ever since I was young my passion is bones because they connect me with a primitive and pure part of my being. An identity as rustic as my spirit that seeks to capture the rareness of death and how its rarity gives us such a unique life, encoded in our bones. 

Inspired by the ancestral roots and the Mexican blood that runs through us, the feathers, minerals and textures, which create the skulls and intervening works, are harmonic pieces in a pre-Hispanic, mystical and magical context. 

Each piece that arises from an idea is focused on creating harmony and unification of vibration in the spaces where they are placed. 

The skull represents not only a powerful transition, but the strength of a race that celebrates death. 

Art is the vestige that remains, to interact between one civilization and another, between one era and another, we carry art engraved in our bones.